Cutting Calories but not losing Weight – Weight loss programs

Cutting Calories but not losing weight – Weight loss programs


Cutting Calories but not losing weight Weight loss programs for comes true by reducing extra fat in human body.The body uses fat as an energy source only when it can no longer fall back on carbohydrates. How that feels, everyone can try, by making the morning before breakfast Sports: The training is much more strenuous than usual, performance – and usually also the mood – are at the bottom. Who, the carbohydrates in his diet significantly reduced, as recommended by US biologist Feil, experienced this grueling condition during training about four to six weeks. Eventually, the body must first learn to become a “fat burner” says Feil. But he said: “After three months, you’re as fit as ever.”

This means that the athlete during the day quite time is allowed to train hungry – which is to bring its fat metabolism going. Who wants to start in no case on an empty stomach, can short snack before dark chocolate or nuts.

Fast weight loss

Cutting Calories but not losing weight – Weight loss programs Fast weight loss is so much essential for every fatty man in the whole world. Feil advises to eat no carbs after training in the form of pasta, potatoes or bread. On the contrary: The first meal though should also be taken, according to filing as soon as possible. But you should be fat and low in carbohydrates. Foods like olive oil, avocados, cream and whole milk should be on the menu. Feil suggests: “ideals meals after exercise were: egg omelet with lots of vegetables and herbs in neat butter seared or a cheese platter with olives, nuts and avocado column.” There must be dark chocolate for dessert. Those who train in the evening and would not eat so late, should, according to Feil best drink a protein shake. The ingredients have reached the muscle after about half an hour and so accelerated regeneration.

However, other experts consider it rather little. “No athlete needs protein supplements,” says about the nutritionist Uwe Knop from U.S.A.  Already with the normal diet will receive more than enough protein. The surplus would even loose enough to establish the physiological maximum of ten kg of muscle per year by means of strength training.

Weight loss meal plans

Cutting Calories but not losing weight – Weight loss programs : Prof. Karl Groneuer recommended by the Department of Nutritional Sciences of the University of Applied Sciences in Münster to get the protein from animal and also from plant products. Previously athletes were especially recommended meat and other animal products. Meanwhile, the science with its findings further: According to this vegetarian living athletes do not have to worry that they are not sufficiently supplied. “Especially since it is the most of health-conscious people who are familiar with sources of nutrients,” says Prof. Groneuer.

Good plant sources of protein are about peas, soy, beans and potatoes. In the animal products the egg its bad reputation as a cholesterol bomb’s going on now. Scientists recommend athletes even ten eggs to eat during the week. They are healthy and easy to digest.

Cutting Calories but not losing weight – Weight loss programs  : Before competitions, however, it looks different again. Then nobody should torment with hanging stomach but rely on energy from carbohydrates. The obligatory pasta party before the marathon has its meaning – as the memory with quickly available energy are replenished.”An outstanding contribution to carbohydrate supply also make potatoes, rice and bread,” says Prof. Groneuer. “With stomach problems, melting flakes have proven.”

Many endurance athletes decide to wake up with bananas – recommended are mainly the more mature. However, it takes according U.K Scientists two hours until they are digested – as an immediate source of energy are therefore not suitable they are more likely. The sports bar and the like commercially available, however, are as nutrition. Directly before or even during the competition sense, the same applies to sports drinks Buyer of mineral water, the athletes should make sure that this gets a lot of sodium.


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